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Sewn Home

High Quality Canvas Tents and Tipis

Sewn Home was founded in 2016 by David Lundberg in Timmins, Ontario. Originally a home-based sewing machine repair service, it quickly grew into an industrial sewing and manufacturing business specializing in tents and tipis, serving clients in Northern Ontario and across Canada. Sewn Home practices and promotes environmental responsibility: We reduce our scrap material to near zero using CAD software to pattern all our products, and design all our products to last as long as possible. Alongside manufacturing, we also restore old sewing machines throughout Northeastern Ontario. We feel it is important to combat waste in any way possible. We are dedicated to our clients; those who work on, play on and care for the land. We are excited and proud to be making their lodges. Every tent and tipi that we ship out is built to be a home; be it for a day,  a month or more, our products are constructed with an eye for detail and the comfort of our clients in mind.

Built to Last

Quality Craftsmanship to Withstand the Elements

Efficient Production

Never sacrificing quality or the environment.

Lightweight and Durable

Built with the Highest Quality Canvas on the Market

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